Munich and the Bavarian State Opera

From 1978 until her ‘retirement’ in 2001, she was a permanent ensemble member of the Bayerische Staatsoper (Bavarian State Opera) in Munich. During this time she was a regular coach and accompanist with the Bayerische Rundfunk (Bavarian State Radio) , as well as for opera recordings with Teldec and Nightingale Records.

Rita with the cast after “Marriage of Figaro” performnaceWith colleagues Ulli Reß, Kevin Connors & Marita KnobelAstrid Varnay, Dramatic SopranoWith colleagues Jennifer trost & Margarita de ArellanoTony Ruppert, Composer/Coach & Hermann Prey, BaritoneRuggiero Raimondi, Bass

ASIDE: Rita also sings at the Bavarian State Opera

In 1994 she received a Citation in Honor of her Outstanding Service to the Bavarian State Opera and the Germany.

Receiving Citation from Sir Peter Jonas, 1994.

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